SFUSD and City Partnership for Achievement

SFUSD and City Partnership for Achievement

In 2007, former Mayor Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) signed a historic agreement called the SFUSD and City Partnership for Achievement, an active collaboration to improve outcomes for the City's public school students. The City has many successful collaborations with SFUSD, but this was the first time that themany threads of our efforts as a City have been organized to build acoherent, comprehensive plan for collaboration. The SFUSD and CityPartnership for Achievement highlights six strategic areas: 

(1) Building Community Support and Civic Engagement,

(2) Supporting Teachers and Principals,

(3) Promoting Adequate SchoolFunding,

(4) Increasing Opportunities,

(5) Preparing for the 21stCentury, and

(6) Strengthening Schools as Community Institutions.

Partnership for Achievement Plan (PDF)
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SFUSD Vision 2025

Mayor Ed Lee continues to build upon the 2007 SFUSD and City Partnership Achievement by working closely with the current Superintendent Richard Carranza and the School Board. The Mayor supports the SFUSD's Vision 2025 to ensure that we prepare our graduates to live, thrive, and succeed in San Francisco and beyond. Their Digital District five year technology plan as well as the Graduate Profile will serve as an anchor for the vision and identifies the knowledge, skills, dispositions and behaviors required by the 21st century world. For more information, please visit SFUSD's website at: www.sfusd.edu

SFUSD Vision 2025

SFUSD Strategic Plan 2013-2015

In 2013, San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) launched a new strategic plan for 2013-2015. The plan places access and equity, student achievement, and accountability at the forefront of every child’s education. The ideas and actions in the plan focus on one central idea: every child has the right to be well-educated.

Titled "Impact Learning. Impact Lives.," the plan has deepened the strategic plan launched in 2008, "Beyond the Talk." The plan features a Balanced Scorecard, a tool that was developed for use in business environments and has been successfully adapted by other school districts across the country.

Please click the links below to view the plans. For more information, please visit SFUSD's website at: www.sfusd.edu.

  1. SFUSD’s 2013-2015 Strategic Plan: Impact Learning. Impact Lives.
  2. SFUSD’s 2008-2012 Strategic Plan: Beyond the Talk