Mayoral Offices

City and County of San Francisco city seal

Mayoral Offices

Helping the Mayor achieve her vision of San Francisco as an inclusive, fair and compassionate city that stands up and supports all of its residents.

Mayor’s Office of Public Policy and Finance

Works closely with City departments and agencies to responsibly build and maintain a balanced budget for the City and County of San Francisco.

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Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development

Provides financing for the development, rehabilitation and purchase of affordable housing and partners with the community to strengthen low-income neighborhoods and communities.

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Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services

Helps citizens receive the highest levels of service possible from all areas of City government.

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Mayor’s Office of Protocol

Advises the Mayor and city officials of San Francisco on diplomatic and consular matters.

Mayor’s Office of Disability

Serves as the City's ADA Coordinator with staff extensively knowledgeable in civil rights laws and architectural access standards including the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Mayor’s Internship Program

Immerses collegiate and professional interns in city government by matching interns to their fields of interest inside the public service sector.

Internship Program

Mayoral Appointments

The Mayor has the authority to make numerous appointments and is committed to placing well qualified citizens of every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability on City bodies.

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