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San Francisco City Employee Vaccination Rate at Nearly 98%

Fewer than 1,000 of the City’s 35,000 employees remain unvaccinated as November 1 deadline approaches

San Francisco, CA — Mayor London N. Breed today announced that the City employee vaccination rate is nearly 98% with fewer than 1,000 of the City’s nearly 35,000 employees remaining unvaccinated.

In July, 2021, when San Francisco established a November 1st deadline for all employees to be vaccinated, the rate of employee vaccination was 66%. In the months since the mandate was first announced, City representatives have partnered with labor leaders on outreach and education efforts in order to vaccinate as many employees as possible.

“I want to thank and recognize all the workers who have stepped up to get vaccinated and protect public health,” said Mayor Breed. “This mandate is all about protecting the health of the public and of our workforce, and it is working. We will continue to work with our labor partners to get the last remaining people vaccinated, but we are confident a fully vaccinated workforce is in the best interest of the public, our workers, and the recovery of our City.”

Currently, 836 employees out of our workforce of 35,000 have reported that they are not vaccinated. 134 have not yet informed the City of their vaccination status. Taken together, these numbers represent 2.8% of the City’s workforce. Employees who are out of compliance with City policy include approximately 200 SFMTA staff, including 100 transit operators, 80 Police Department staff, including 60 police officers, 15 total Fire Department staff, and 20 Deputy Sheriffs. 196 exempt (non-civil service) employees will be separated from City service on Monday if they remain unvaccinated. The remaining 750 employees who remain out of compliance after the deadline will be placed on paid administrative leave until their due process hearing takes place. Following due process deliberations, subsequent hearings to determine whether unvaccinated employees will be separated from city employment will take place.

“The hardworking employees of San Francisco have worked tirelessly to keep the business of San Francisco going during the pandemic. Health care professionals, transportation workers, laborers, law enforcement, janitors and thousands of others have kept us safe and healthy”, said Carol Isen, Human Resources Director. “I am happy to see that over 97% of our workforce including these individuals are keeping their promise to the families and communities of San Francisco by getting vaccinated.”

In August, 2021, the City announced that all new hires for the City and County of San Francisco must be vaccinated. The Mayor also issued two Mayoral Executive Orders that waive certain civil service provisions for expedited hiring, which will allow the City to more quickly fill the gaps for any workers who choose not to get vaccinated.

The City will continue to do everything it can to support all employees in understanding the benefits of vaccination and to protect the health and safety of our workforce and the public.