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Mayor Mark Farrell on United States Attorney General's Lawsuit

“This morning, United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions came into our state and attacked our values, our policies and our people. In response to this stunt, I want my message to be clear to Attorney General Sessions: your threats will not change who we are. They will not deter our mission. They will not shake our beliefs.

Like California, San Francisco is a place of Sanctuary. We are a place where everyone can strive to create a brighter future for themselves and their families. Our statutes are in compliance with federal law. If the federal government believes there is a need to detain a criminal, we will honor a criminal warrant, as we always have, and we always will.

We know that this is not about enforcing federal law. This is about attacking communities and residents who do not adhere to the government’s fear-based and divisive agenda. This administration believe in States’ rights when it is convenient for their cause. They support individual rights when it fits their political agenda.

But we will not be intimidated. No matter how hard the federal administration tries to export their politics of fear, we will remain a city of love and compassion. We will remain a Sanctuary City.”