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Mayor Mark Farrell on Protecting San Francisco's Immigrant Communities

Today, I had the opportunity to meet with leaders, advocates and legal experts representing San Francisco’s immigrant communities. We had a very productive conversation and I assured them that I will be a Mayor who fights on the behalf of our immigrant families. We are and always will be a Sanctuary City.

Understandably, our immigrant communities are nervous and fearful about the potential actions of the federal government. We have a President who repeatedly attacks and insults our families and consistently threatens those who do not align with his misguided policies and hateful beliefs.

But we will not cower in fear to an administration that opposes San Francisco’s values and ideals. We will remain a home for hardworking immigrants in search of a better life. I am committed to defending and supporting our City’s longstanding sanctuary policies.

San Francisco is prepared and unified. We will not allow threats and accusations to undermine the values of our City. We will not become entangled in federal immigration enforcement. We will not jeopardize the public safety of our communities to do the job of the federal government.

I want to thank all of our community leaders and advocates who are on the ground each and every day fighting for our immigrant families. Together, we will defend the values that make our city great.