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Mayor Mark Farrell on President Trump's California Visit

When President Trump travels to San Diego this week to talk about his absurd border wall, I hope he takes the time to visit and speak with the hardworking immigrants of our state.

I hope he meets with the small business owner who is the foundation of her community. I hope he talks with the single parent who came to this country in search of a better life for her children. I hope he listens to the aspirations of our young students who still believe in the greatness of the American Dream.

But I doubt he will do any of this. Because to do that, he would have to recognize the humanity of the people he demonizes every day.

The next time President Trump visits our state, I hope it is to announce comprehensive immigration reforms that will create pathways to citizenship—something this country has needed for decades. Until that time, he should not be welcome in our city or in our state. San Francisco will continue to push inclusive policies that allow people to follow the American Dream. We will continue to be a place of sanctuary.