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Mayor Mark Farrell on the March for our Lives Gun Rally

For too long, this nation has followed the same tragic script: we play witness to a mass shooting, mourn the losses and passionately advocate for sensible gun reforms, only to be disappointed time and again by a lack of progress.

But we are seeing the dawn of a new era. Thanks to the brave and courageous actions of our youngest generation of leaders, this nation is finally rising up against the murderous policies of the National Rifle Association and the spineless actions of Republicans indebted to that organization.

From requiring that firearms be stored in lock boxes to mandating that ammunitions sales be videotaped, I have never shied away from authoring legislation that opposes the NRA’s abhorrent political gamesmanship. San Francisco knows that our communities are safer and more secure when we have fewer guns on our streets and in our homes.  

I am honored to be taking part in the March For Our Lives event tomorrow alongside thousands of my fellow San Franciscans who favor real gun control actions. We are marching to tell the NRA that their time is up. We will fight back against them in our city, our state and our country.