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Mayor Mark Farrell on Board of Supervisors' Refusal to Support Conservatorship

“In San Francisco, we have a crisis. People with severe mental illness and crippling drug abuse challenges are suffering on our streets. We see this every day, in nearly every community across the city. It is inhumane and unreasonable to look the other way and deny that this happening.

This is the challenge of our time, and we must explore every resource possible to assist our residents in need. One critical support service that our City can use to address this issue is conservatorships—safe, productive alternatives to the destructive cycles of jail, hospitalization and homelessness that we see far too often in our City.

State Senator Scott Wiener understands the importance of conservatorships. I understand the importance of conservatorships. Unfortunately, some members of our Board of Supervisors think differently. 

By refusing to endorse Senator Wiener’s state bill to expand conservatorships, the Board has opted to play politics over doing what is best for our residents. I commend the Supervisors who showed their support for Senator Wiener, and am extremely disappointed in those who did not. Now is not the time for political gamesmanship. We must act now to help those who cannot help themselves.”