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Mayor Mark Farrell and San Francisco Director of Cultural Affairs Tom DeCaigny on Proposed Federal Elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts

For the second straight year, the Trump Administration has proposed unprecedented cuts to essential cultural programs that bolster our city’s economy and contribute to an environment that fosters innovation and creativity. 

San Francisco is famous for its influence on the arts and culture world. From our storied history with experimental, counterculture music movements, to the first museum on the West Coast devoted solely to 20th century art, the City’s art scene has something to offer every resident and visitor.

The proposed budget cuts by the federal administration are nothing but a thinly disguised attack on the arts. The arts account for just 0.004 percent of the federal budget and while this action will make no real dent in the deficit, it will devastate cultural programs across the country.

Today on Arts Advocacy Day we rally in support for the artists and arts organizations who have given so much to our City. We promise we will continue the fight to protect our critical cultural institutions.