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Mayor Mark Farrell and Federal Communications Commissioner Mignon Clyburn on Efforts to Expand Broadband Access

“We believe that San Franciscans and communities across the country deserve a better internet, with more choice and competition in the market than exists today.

“We both have been strong advocates for municipal fiber because we know that many consumers feel inadequately served by their private provider, if they are even served at all. This country has a history of allowing communities to take local control of important utilities such as water, electricity and sewer services – the internet should be no different.”

“Both of us strongly value the principles of net neutrality, because it protects a fair and open internet for all. That is why we are strongly advocating for net neutrality on municipal projects, in addition to stringent privacy and security protections for consumers and businesses.”

“We know that municipal broadband projects can eliminate the digital and opportunities divide in San Francisco and around the country by providing more choice and competition and delivering better internet than the status quo.”