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Mayor London Breed, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Community Leaders Celebrate the Grand Opening of Phase II of Hunters View Revitalization

Multi-department initiative opens up 177 newly built affordable homes for families

San Francisco, CA — Mayor London Breed, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Supervisor Shamann Walton, State Housing Department (HCD) Director Ben Metcalf and community leaders today celebrated the grand opening of the newest 100% affordable housing phase of the revitalized Hunters View community. Once completed, the re-envisioned Hunters View will be a mixed-income, service-enhanced community, developed according to the principles of the Mayor’s HOPE SF Initiative.

“I grew up in public housing—I know firsthand that the many of these locations were deeply in need of an upgrade, which is why I am committed to seeing this process through,” said Mayor Breed. “For the residents of Hunters View, today is the result of years of perseverance and determination. I am excited that the new Hunters View will serve the community for generations to come.”

“Revitalizing Hunters View is about ensuring the beautiful diversity of our city, dismantling barriers and building community,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose instrumental support for this project has served as an example of her continued dedication to all families who have lived in public housing. “Everyone deserves a safe, livable, and affordable place to call home. House Democrats are committed to supporting investments in rehabilitating aging and isolated public housing and creating new, affordable housing for America’s working families.”

The renewed Hunters View is the result of a partnership between the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII), HOPE SF, the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD), the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA), and the John Stewart Company, which all played substantial roles in the ongoing efforts to transform and redevelop a once distressed and isolated, war-era public housing complex.

“Once again I am excited to see our community be transformed and remain indigenous at the same time,” said District 10 Supervisor, Shamann Walton. “As a child living right here in Hunters View (Westpoint at the time), I never envisioned the brand new housing that we see today. Our children and families now enjoy a community that allows them to take advantage of the growth here in Bayview and in San Francisco. Vibrancy is here!”

Consistent with the City’s one-for-one replacement program, no existing residents were displaced as a result of this multi-phased development. Phases 1 is complete, and Phase 2, completed in 2017, contains 134 public housing replacement units with an additional 43 new affordable units. The final affordable housing phase of Hunters View, Phase 3, will begin construction in summer 2020.

“With each new phase of Hunters View that opens, our city demonstrates a deep commitment to our residents,” said Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure Executive Director, Nadia Sesay. “It has been an honor to collaborate with partners and residents to create a safe, inclusive and vital new community.”

The original Hunters View was constructed in 1957 with 267 temporary units. These units were never intended to be permanent housing, and due to the poor initial construction of the site and years of deferred construction, the property deteriorated well beyond repair. The rebuilding of Hunters View aims to house all current Hunters View residents as well as additional low-income families. In addition, the market-rate homeownership component is scheduled to kick off in 2020. With the completion of Phase 2, all Hunters View residents that lived onsite now live in Phases 1 and 2.

“I’m proud to be a Hunters View resident from before it was redeveloped and to see these beautiful new buildings built has been really exciting,” said Hunters View resident, Terrell Tobias. “It was also great to have had the opportunity to help in the construction of these new homes that went to a community that has been waiting for this and have been deserving for so long.”

“Completion of the second phase of Hunters View delivers another 177 units of affordable housing, new infrastructure, another public park, and extensive community service spaces and programming,” said John Stewart Company President & CEO, Jack Gardner. “These amenities are critical to the success of any community and I am excited that they are finally a reality at Hunters View. This phase took the commitment of the City of San Francisco, Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, the State of California, the San Francisco Housing Authority, HUD, our private lenders and investors, and most importantly, the residents of Hunters View. We are thrilled to have played a role in delivering on the vision of HOPE SF!”