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Mayor London Breed Announces Earthquake Safety and Emergency Resilience Bond for March 2020 Election

Proposed $628.5 million bond would fund seismic retrofitting and resiliency projects for critical public safety infrastructure, as well as first responder facilities

San Francisco, CA— Mayor London N. Breed today announced that she will be introducing a $628.5 million Earthquake Safety and Emergency Resilience (ESER) Bond at the Board of Supervisors for the March 2020 Election. She will be introducing the Bond next Tuesday at the Board of Supervisors along with co-sponsors Supervisors Sandra Fewer and Catherine Stefani.

The ESER Bond would pay for seismic retrofitting and resiliency for fire stations, police stations, and other critical public safety infrastructure like San Francisco’s Emergency Firefighting Water System.

“We know that we must always be prepared for when the next major earthquake strikes, which means making sure that our fire stations, police stations, and critical infrastructure will not only withstand the impact, but also be ready to serve our first responders,” said Mayor Breed. “I look forward to working with elected officials and City leaders to build a broad coalition to support this critical investment in our public safety.”

The proposed $628.5 million bond would include:

  • $275 million to fund seismic retrofitting and resiliency projects for Neighborhood Fire Stations and Firefighter Training facilities,
  • $153.5 million for the Emergency Firefighting Water System,
  • $121 million to fund seismic retrofitting and resiliency projects for San Francisco Police Department facilities,
  • $70 million for disaster response facilities,
  • $9 million for the Department of Emergency Management 9-1-1 Call Center.

The ESER Bond Program is an initiative to bolster earthquake safety and emergency response resiliency through capital improvements to critical infrastructure, including neighborhood fire stations, district police stations, the Emergency Firefighting Water System, and other essential facilities and infrastructure. San Francisco voters overwhelmingly approved the first $412 million ESER Bond in 2010 and the second $400 million ESER Bond in 2014, both receiving nearly 80 percent support.

The 10-Year Capital Plan adopted by the Board of Supervisors yesterday includes a $628.5 million ESER Bond scheduled for the March 2020 election. Of that amount, $153.5 million is planned for the Emergency Firefighting Water System, including an increase of $28.5 million spearheaded by Supervisor Fewer that will ensure the system can deliver coverage to the west side of the city.

“I am thrilled to be moving forward with this ESER bond proposal with Mayor Breed. This bond will allow for the addition of a desperately needed Emergency Firefighting Water System to the west side of the City,” said Supervisor Sandra Fewer. “Building this infrastructure will go a long way toward making our west side neighborhoods truly prepared for when disaster strikes.”

“The 2020 ESER bond is a vital investment to strengthen our disaster preparedness and public safety infrastructure,” said Supervisor Catherine Stefani. “I am thrilled to see our City continue its commitment to ensuring our fire stations, police stations, emergency firefighting water system, and other essential facilities are prepared for the next major earthquake.”

Published every odd year, the 10-Year Capital Plan is a fiscally constrained expenditure plan that lays out infrastructure investments over the next decade. The City Administrator prepares the document with input from Citywide stakeholders, who have put forth their best ideas and most realistic estimates of San Francisco’s future needs.

“San Francisco’s 10 Year Capital Plan establishes public safety and emergency response as a top priority. Strengthening neighborhood police and fire stations, extending the Emergency Firefighting Water System to the west side and improving our 9-1-1 call center are all key priorities,” said City Administrator Naomi M. Kelly. “Due to City fiscal policy that retires old debt before we issue new bonds, this measure will not increase the property tax rate for San Franciscans.”

“San Francisco residents and voters recognize the critical need to invest in Public Safety infrastructure and First Responder facilities. We count on their support of this important Bond just as it was received in 2010 and 2014,” said Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White.

“By providing critical funding support for our Emergency Firefighting Water System, this bond measure will help ensure that the City is ready and prepared for major fire events, including those that may occur following an earthquake,” said San Francisco Public Utilities Commission General Manager Harlan L. Kelly, Jr. “When we support long-term capital programs like the ESER Bond, we make San Francisco a more resilient place now, and for future generations.”

Mayor Breed will be attending the grand opening of the new Fire Station 5 in the Western Addition today at 11am, which was funded by the ESER Bond Program.