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Mayor London Breed and Supervisor Matt Haney Announce Plan to Expand Housing Priority to Current Treasure Island Residents

Relocation and transition benefits will be extended to all income-qualified residents currently living on Treasure Island, even if they moved there after the Development Agreement was enacted in 2011

San Francisco, CA — Mayor London N. Breed and Supervisor Matt Haney today announced a plan to expand housing benefits to all current income-qualified Treasure Island residents. This plan would ensure that all current Treasure Island residents have access to relocation and transition benefits. Currently, only those who were living there prior to June 2011 have access to these benefits.

In June 2011, the Treasure Island Development Authority approved a “Development and Disposition Agreement” (DDA) that gave certain benefits to households that had leases on Treasure Island as part of the project Development Agreement. Mayor Breed and Supervisor Haney will move forward a plan to extend those benefits to residents of Treasure Island who began their leases after June 29, 2011. Many households who are considered “post-DDA” have lived on Treasure Island for eight years, and by the time the last of the Treasure Island residents are relocated, they may have lived there for 20 years or more. Supervisor Haney introduced a resolution urging the Treasure Island Development Authority to implement these changes, which was approved this week by the Board of Supervisors.

“The housing being built on Treasure Island will provide thousands of badly needed new homes in our City, but it’s important that we make sure that residents who live there now have access to these new homes,” said Mayor Breed. “By extending these benefits to all income-qualified Treasure Island residents, we can ensure that as this important project moves forward and this incredible new neighborhood is created, people can take every opportunity to remain on Treasure Island, if they wish to do so.”

“There is a large group of Treasure Island residents who are completely excluded from replacement housing opportunities in the future development,” said Supervisor Matt Haney. “It is our obligation to provide benefits for these residents who are being told to move by no fault of their own.  Some people have lived there for eight years now and the development won’t be complete for another 10+ years. It is critical that we make changes to ensure that these residents have priority access to the future development.”

The current Development Agreement gives households that have been on Treasure Island since 2011 the right to several different housing options in response to the development projects that are underway. Households have the choice between:

  1. Renting a newly constructed unit in a building and receiving moving assistance when the move into the new unit;
  2. Receiving down payment assistance to purchase a newly constructed unit on the Island on the open market; or
  3. Receiving an in-lieu payment and moving off the Island.

Mayor Breed and Supervisor Haney’s proposal would expand the arrangement to post-DDA residents who income qualify into affordable housing that is newly constructed on Treasure Island. Post-DDA residents would be prioritized after pre-DDA residents and ahead of members of the public with no connection to the island. The new proposed agreement would include those households on pre-marketing notice lists so they have the opportunity to purchase units before they go to the general market.

Treasure Island is currently in the process of a 20-year development project to create 8,000 units of housing, including over 2,000 units of affordable housing, with the first new building scheduled to open in 2022. Approximately 1,800 residents in more than 600 households currently live on Treasure Island, of which:

  • Approximately 250 households live in supportive housing;
  • 200 households currently fall under the existing TIDA agreement;
  • 150 are considered post-DDA households.