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Mayor Lee’s Statement on Lucas Cultural Arts Museum

Mayor Edwin M. Lee today issued the following statement on the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum:

“Few people have had as profound and lasting an effect on global popular culture as George Lucas, whose movies and characters are known and beloved by people around the world. Mr. Lucas is also renowned for his commitment to education and philanthropy, and he has proposed to build and endow a major museum and cultural center to house his prominent collection of American art, digital media and memorabilia for public display, enjoyment and education.

The Presidio Trust has offered Mr. Lucas a site within the Presidio for the proposed museum, and we know that Mr. Lucas and his team are evaluating that site.

Understandably, at least one other great city covets this investment and collection, and has mounted a full-scale campaign to locate Mr. Lucas’ Cultural Arts Museum there instead.

But I will not let go easily of such a significant private investment by one of the world’s most prominent filmmakers and Bay Area residents to build and endow a prominent new arts, education and cultural center. I strongly agree with the many educators, business leaders, parents and families who have expressed their concern to me that we must not squander this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our City and region.

To that end, even as he evaluates the Presidio site and considers alternatives in other cities, I have directed my staff and relevant City Departments to develop a shortlist of additional potential sites, public and private, that we may present to Mr. Lucas before the end of May for consideration as opportunities for partnership to build and endow the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum in San Francisco.

George Lucas is a citizen of the San Francisco Bay Area. His movies and his impact on our popular culture have been inspired by this region, his home. I wholeheartedly believe that this tremendous investment in the arts and education belong in only one place, and that is here in San Francisco. I look forward to working with Mr. Lucas and his team to ensure that the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum is built in our City for the benefit and education of our residents, visitors and future generations.”