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Mayor Lee’s Statement Celebrating Black History Month

Mayor Edwin M. Lee today issued the following statement on the celebration of Black History Month: 

“This month we pause to celebrate Black History Month and honor all of those who have contributed – both large and small – to the advancement of our country in the fight for equality and justice for all people. 

These contributions – from the leaders of the civil rights movement to the men and women whose names we’ve never heard to those who are yet to come – have made our country better and will make our future brighter. 

Progress has been made, but we cannot rest, not now, not ever. There is more work to be done to break down racial barriers, and give every citizen the chance to build the life they deserve. We must push our nation to live up to the promise of the America we know it can be.

A country of equality, fairness, justice, and respect for all people, with the access to good-paying jobs, affordable housing, quality health care, and world-class education.

This is the America we want to be and the America we must continue to fight for.