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Mayor Breed, Board of Supervisors Agree on Plan to Allow for Affordable and Educator Housing on Public Lands

Initiative ordinance introduced by four members of the Board will move forward for November ballot with agreement to adopt key elements of Mayor’s proposal to allow height increases to increase feasibility of sites and ensure educator housing project at Francis Scott Key is rezoned

San Francisco, CA — Today Mayor London N. Breed and Supervisors Sandra Fewer, Aaron Peskin, Matt Haney, and Shamann Walton announced that an agreement has been reached on moving forward a plan to rezone public lands and large lots to allow for 100% affordable housing and educator housing. To accomplish this, the initiative ordinance put forward by four members of the Board will move forward for the November election. The Board will legislatively adopt key elements from the Mayor’s proposal, including the allowance for 10 extra feet of height on 40 foot parcels and modifying the unit requirements of their measure to ensure that the Francis Scott Key educator housing project and other similar projects are able to benefit from the rezoning. As part of this agreement, the Mayor will withdraw her ordinance and support the Supervisors’ initiative.

Mayor Breed and the four Supervisors released the following joint statement about the agreement:

“We have too many people who can’t afford to live in this City and we need to build more affordable housing for everyone struggling with high housing costs. Working together, we have already put forward the largest affordable housing bond in the City’s history to provide more funding for low- and middle-income housing, but we also need to find more places to build that housing. Through this plan, we can open up more sites across our entire city for badly needed affordable and educator housing. We have more work to do to create more affordable housing in this City, but this agreement is a great step forward in our efforts to build homes for people in San Francisco.”

The Mayor and four members of the Board had introduced separate rezoning measures for the November ballot that, while broadly similar, had some key differences. The agreement pulls together key provisions from both measures into one and allows a single ballot measure to move forward for November. The Board is currently drafting legislation to incorporate elements of the Mayor’s proposal and will introduce that legislation after summer recess.