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Mayoral Appointments

Every year the Mayor has the authority to make numerous appointments to various boards, commissions, task forces, and committees. Mayor Lee is committed to placing well qualified citizens of every race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability on City bodies.

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Mayor's Office of Community Investment

The Mayor's Office of Community Investment's (MOCI) mission is to partner with the community to strengthen the physical, social and economic infrastructure of San Francisco, particularly its lowest income neighborhoods and communities.



Mayor's Office of Disability

The mission of the Mayor’s Office on Disability is to provide accessibility to programs, activities, benefits, services, and facilities of the City and County of San Francisco, to people with disabilities, including residents and visitors. This mission is consistent with the duties of the Mayor to provide mandated services to citizens, and to assure that those services are provided fairly and equally under the law



Mayor's Office of Education

The Mayor's Office of Education strives to provide parents the tools they need to help their children succeed in an academic environment.



Mayor's Office of Housing

The Mayor's Office of Housing (MOH) coordinates the efforts of the City to maximize housing opportunities for low income households and individuals. We administer a variety of programs for housing finance funded by federal, state, and local sources. We also work closely with federal, state and other local agencies to coordinate their efforts with ours.



Mayor’s Office of Legislative and Government Affairs (OLGA)

The Mayor’s Office of Legislative and Government Affairs (OLGA) is the initial point of contact for federal and state legislative offices as well as the board of supervisors and commissions on legislative, budget or issue-oriented inquiries and represent the Mayor at legislative meetings / hearings, and community meetings. We assist departments and other Mayoral staff with the implementation of the Mayor’s policy agenda and priorities.



Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services

The Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services is the public’s primary point of contact with the Mayor and City government. The department acts as a liaison between the City’s neighborhoods & communities and the City departments that serve them.



Mayor's Office of Public Policy and Finance

The Office of Public Policy and Frinance prepares and submits a balanced City budget in June of each year. It participates in the development and monitoring of the Mayor's policy initiatives, performance measurement tools and government efficiency.


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Mayor's Office of Violence Prevention Services

The Mayor’s Office of Violence Prevention Services, founded in 2012, works to make San Francisco safer by leading initiatives that involve multiple departments of city government, community-based organizations, and the private sector.

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Mayor's Programs and Initiatives

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