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Mayor Ed Lee’s Response to the 2017-2018 Proposed State Budget

Mayor Edwin M. Lee today issued the following statement regarding Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed 2017-2018 balanced budget for the State of California:
“Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed state budget appears to mirror factors facing our own budget projections here in San Francisco; slowing revenue growth and the need to be disciplined and responsible while making strategic investments in key areas.
The Governor’s balanced and prudent budget protects many of our state’s priorities, such as accessible public education, an earned income tax credit for families, increases toward a $15 per hour minimum wage, keeping millions of Californians insured under the Affordable Care Act and paying down long-term liabilities.
I also appreciate the Governor’s commitment to work with the Legislature on the development of sustainable solutions for our state’s housing shortage and affordability crisis. I look forward to supporting these efforts, and I am confident that California will continue to thrive with the investments reflected in this budget – investments that reflect our commitment to children, families, equity, and inclusion, and that San Francisco residents will continue to benefit from the successful programs that drive California’s continued prosperity.”