Public Safety

Violent crime in San Francisco has dropped to historic lows these last two years through stronger community partnerships and our aggressive anti-crime and prevention strategies. We are making our City the safest big city in America through innovative use of data sets, strategic deployment of police resources and successful partnerships with our diverse communities and neighborhoods.


I have been working closely in connection with the San Francisco Police Department to coordinate the City’s public safety agenda.  SFPD is committed to being a world-class police department and a leader among urban police departments by hiring and promoting talented officers and professional staff, employing the highest standards of performance, best practices in policing, and accountability, and reflecting the values of the world-class city it serves. Our ongoing commitment to reform and accountability and continued support for our men and women in uniform provide a safe and secure environment for all San Franciscans and visitors to enjoy. 


Because I know the importance of having a safe city, I made appointing a new police chief to succeed former Police Chief and current District Attorney George Gascón one of my main priorities when I was sworn into office last January.


Our Progress

On April 27, I was very proud to appoint Greg Suhr as Chief of Police of the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD). Chief Suhr has been a leader within the department with 30 years of experience. His appointment moves the SFPD into the 21st century. He is deeply committed to ongoing reforms and increased accountability in the police department. He will work to bring violent crime in our City to historic lows and implement innovative crime prevention strategies to keep San Francisco the safest big city in our country.


Chief Suhr is committed to the creation of the 6th Street Police Substation in Central Market, which complements the City’s effort to revitalize and transform the area and address quality-of-life issues, diversity in the SFPD that is reflective of the diversity of the communities of San Francisco, implementing COMPSTAT and using crime data for greater accountability, ensuring proper training and direction regarding all police operations, reducing the backlog of disciplinary cases, addressing crime, violence, and quality-of-life issues by engaging communities and all city agencies in problem-solving partnerships, and presenting a department budget that reflects the values and priorities of the SFPD.


To that end, the City and our Police Department are involved in the following ongoing developments:

  • There are now concrete plans to develop a new substation on Market and 6th with funds from the Redevelopment Agency.  I expect this project to be transformative for the neighborhood and to create new partnerships with the local community by allowing an increase of officers’ time to be spent in the area.
  • Currently, meetings have been scheduled with several different Federal agencies to develop a more integrated and efficient manner in which to better serve and protect the citizens of our City.


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