City and County of San Francisco city seal

Key Initiatives

Our key initiatives provide essential resources and services for all San Franciscans to continue to stand together in unity and prosper.

Icon for Housing


Finding innovative solutions for housing at all levels of affordability to serve our existing and new residents.

Icon for Quality of Life


Developing and expanding services that transition people off the streets and into stable, productive living situations.

Icons for Neighborhoods

Clean and Safe Streets

Creating an atmosphere where families can play, live, shop, and travel in convenient, accommodating fashion.

Icon for Public Safety

Public Safety

Embarking on initiatives to create a safe, modernized city that is prepared for the challenges of the future.

Wifi Icon

Fiber for San Francisco

Working to close the digital divide in San Francisco.

Icon for Strategy and Performance

Strategy and Performance

Provides timely information on City Department strategies and the efficiency and effectiveness of San Francisco government.