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Mayor Ed Lee, SFUSD Interim Superintendent Myong Leigh and Board of Education President Shamann Walton Statement on Transgender Discrimination

“Today’s decision to rescind protections against transgender students is a misguided act that will victimize children most in need of our support.

All students deserve to learn in an atmosphere that is free of fear and discrimination. While attending school, no child should feel overwhelmed by the simple decision of which bathroom to use, or fear the consequences of entering a locker room.

The San Francisco Unified School District has a policy in place that explicitly prohibits gender-based discrimination, a protection that extends to everyone, including transgender students. San Francisco is proud that we were the first City in the country to include those safeguards to our transgender student body. We will continue to honor those policies and ensure that all of our students feel safe and comfortable when they enter our classrooms.

We became the first City in the nation to appoint a Transgender Initiatives Advisor to hasten the implementation of policies and protections for the transgender community. At a time when civil rights are under attack, we will continue to work locally to protect all of our residents from harassment and discrimination.”