Mayor Lee Celebrates Grand Opening Of Dottie’s True Blue Café on Sixth Street in Central Market

Mayor also Announced Sixth Street Police Substation Work to Resume & Enhanced Cleaning Services for the Area

2/1/12—Mayor Edwin M. Lee today celebrated the relocation and expansion of Dottie’s True Blue Café to Sixth Street and made a commitment to merchants and residents that the City will continue focusing resources in the area even as Redevelopment funding is eliminated. Mayor Lee announced that work on the Sixth Street police substation project will resume this week and committed additional Public Works cleaning services given the imminent end of a private, redevelopment-funded cleaning contract.

“The health and vibrancy of Sixth Street and the entire Central Market area, is benefiting from businesses like Dottie’s True Blue Café that are moving in,” said Mayor Lee. “While the loss of Redevelopment is a challenge, we will not let the momentum in the Central Market neighborhood be compromised. Public safety and street cleaning services will continue and we will strengthen critical community partnerships in the area and keep attracting great businesses here.”

Dottie’s True Blue Café has been a popular family owned business for the last 18 years and relocated from Jones Street in the Tenderloin after it outgrew its space. Dottie’s has added more than 12 new jobs in addition to retaining its 12 employees from the previous location.

“I feel great in the new location, and I am happy to be in the Central Market neighborhood,” said Dottie’s Owner Kurt Abney. “It’s a great central location and I am very excited to watch the change that is happening all around. There are a lot of people coming together to do something positive and the neighborhood has been very welcoming.”

Mayor Lee praised the new businesses in the area and stood by his commitment to complete a police substation on Sixth Street near Market. In November 2011, Mayor Lee announced that the police department had signed a lease and that the project would be completed in 2012. DPW will assess the bids previously received and begin work this week with City staff and bring this project in at the same or lower cost.

Also in November, Mayor Lee announced a new Community Ambassador Program for Central Market, whose team is focused on safety in the neighborhood. DPW will also enhance cleaning services in the area as when a Redevelopment contract to a private firm providing sidewalk cleaning and maintenance services on Sixth Street ends in February.