Mayor Lee Announces Tentative Agreement Reached on Local Hire

Memorandum of Understanding Signed to Allow Contractors to Bid on SF Public Works Projects in San Mateo County under SF Local Hire Policy

06/06/11—Mayor Edwin M. Lee today announced a tentative agreement with San Mateo County on San Francisco’s Local Hire Policy. Mayor Lee signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which allows contractors performing San Francisco public works projects located in San Mateo County to equally draw workers from San Francisco and San Mateo to meet required staffing levels under the Local Hiring Ordinance. The agreement is subject to final approval by the San Francisco and San Mateo Board of Supervisors by resolution. Mayor Lee and Supervisor John Avalos will introduce the resolution at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday.

“Today marks another important milestone in implementing San Francisco’s historic Local Hiring Policy for Construction, an agreement with San Mateo County to ensure residents domiciled in San Mateo and San Francisco equally have access and opportunity to work on San Francisco public works projects located in San Mateo County including San Francisco International Airport,” said Mayor Lee. “Thank you to the leadership of San Mateo County Board President Carole Groom and Supervisor Adrienne Tissier along with Assemblymember Jerry Hill and Supervisor John Avalos, our two counties worked together to develop a reciprocity agreement that outlines a clear pathway for contractors working on San Francisco public works projects located in San Mateo County to draw on a pool of qualified and experienced workers both from San Francisco and San Mateo to meet the City’s mandatory hiring policy.”

“This new agreement recognizes that many municipalities strive to help find pathways to help their local residents benefit from public construction projects through local hire policies; construction is a regional industry and together with our neighboring municipalities we are forging cooperative agreements that lay the foundation for greater cooperation,” said Supervisor Avalos. “I’m proud to have introduced this landmark legislation that will benefit our underserved communities and boost our regional economies.”

“We share the same geography,” said San Mateo Board of Supervisors President Groom. “And we share the same economic and employment challenges. This document treats San Francisco and San Mateo County families equally in terms of publicly-funded construction projects. We came together as friendly neighbors to jointly ensure fairness.”

 “There are definitely opportunities to continue working with San Francisco Supervisor Avalos and his fellow board members on other inter-county issues,” said San Mateo County Supervisor Tissier. “I would much rather work with each other than against.”

“I applaud Mayor Lee and Supervisor Groom for creating a level playing field that will enable San Mateo residents to work on construction projects within their county,” said Assemblymember Jerry Hill.

San Francisco Administrative Code Section 6.22(G), otherwise known as the San Francisco Local Hiring Policy for Construction, establishes mandatory local hiring requirements for certain City public work or improvement projects, including but not limited to City projects constructed in whole or in part within the boundaries of San Mateo County.  In the first year of implementation, the Policy requires contractors to a mandatory participation level of 20% of all project work hours within each trade performed by residents domiciled in San Francisco.  The Local Hiring Ordinance authorizes the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) to negotiate reciprocity agreements with other local jurisdictions, provided that such agreements advance the goals of the Local Hiring Ordinance.