Mayor Lee’s Statement on SOPA & PIPA

Mayor Lee today issued the following statement on two bills currently being considered in Congress – U.S. House of Representatives H.R. 3261 Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and U.S. Senate S.968 Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA):

“Innovative technology and new media companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the nation are creating hundreds of thousands of good jobs and driving our economic recovery. While protecting intellectual property against piracy is extremely important, we must not take steps that stifle the free exchange of information on the internet or harm critical engines for jobs and economic growth.

As currently proposed, both SOPA and PIPA are overkill. This is a new frontier, and I strongly urge members of the House and Senate to consider all the issues at stake more carefully and seek greater input from all impacted communities to help craft a more focused solution that protects against piracy while preserving the free flow of information that is a cornerstone of the 21st century economy.

As a nation, we cannot afford to undermine our innovation economy, jeopardize thousands of jobs and threaten the basic architecture of the Internet.”