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We are no longer accepting applications for our Summer Internship Program.

The Mayor's Internship Program is designed to immerse collegiate and professional interns in city government by matching interns to their fields of interest inside the public service sector. In the spirit of diversity and progressivism that characterizes San Francisco, the Mayor’s Office welcomes intern candidates of various backgrounds who wish to bring innovative ideas from their communities to City Hall and from City Hall to their communities. While you are here, you will not only be involved in the operations of the city, but be exposed to many community service opportunities as well.

For a list of which offices are currently available and other important information, please visit the "Offices Accepting Applications" section for updates.

Application Process
In order to process your internship application, please submit all the materials listed below in one package.  Only complete application packages will be accepted for consideration.

Please review the following sections before submitting your application:

Description of Offices

Offices Accepting Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Internship Application Form

Please submit completed applications to:

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No longer accepting applications 


No longer accepting applications 

No longer accepting applications 

Updated April 21, 2017