Courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle

Breed looks to bolster affordable housing plan by showing how delays boost costs

Jun 26, 2019 

Courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle

SF affordable housing projects kick-started with $40 million in state funds

Jun 25, 2019 


Breed appoints task force to review SF Muni service, recommend improvements

Jun 24, 2019 


San Francisco Mayor London Breed Reflects on Homelessness and Affordability

Jun 17, 2019 

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SF supervisors failing to muster a majority for affordable housing

Jun 17, 2019


San Francisco Mayor London Breed to Eliminate Jail Phone Call Fees

Jun 12, 2019 

Sunnydale Housing

SF Mayor Makes Sure Staff Get a Glimpse of Public Housing

Jun 1, 2019


New Muni operators graduate from their 11-week training program at the Presidio Muni Yard

First class of laid-off Chariot drivers graduate Muni operator training

May 31, 2019

Tenderlion Pit Stop Station

SF mayor announces $11.9 million budget allocation to help keep the streets clean

May 30, 2019


Photo: San Francisco Chronicle

Uber and Lyft could face tax for snarling S.F. traffic

May 21, 2019